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  Season of Change

Released in 2009, this is our most recent album and was dedicated to our "Seven heads" - who have followed our music since the beginning back in 1991!  The same lineup as Open For Business is featured - Jeff Eldridge, Jim Jackson, Billy Turner and Herbie Manuputy.


Every band has to do at least one Christmas album, right?  Well, Seven is no exception to that rule, only to say that the band has added to this album over the years ... so make sure you pick up the songs you don't have in your collection once we open the online store!

  Open For Business

Released in 2005, the Open For Business project was the first album to feature the band members of Jeff Eldridge, Jim Jackson, Billy Turner and Herbie Manuputy.  The album was the birth of a new sound consistent with Seven's current music style.

  8 + 5

Released in 2003, the 8 + 5 project was more like an EP than a LP (standard album), as it only featured five songs.  The project reflects what some have referred to as "Seven Lite" - since the music style is not as heavy as the prior releases.  The 8 + 5 project featured Jeff Eldridge, Jim Jackson, Ronnie Reiss and Bill Patch.


Released in 1997, the Desire album was the last album to feature Kevin Eldridge and Jim Timm.  Long time members Jeff Eldridge and Jim Jackson appeared on the project as well.  The album features three popular songs that still remain in the band's set list rotation (Bigger Hands, You're Never Alone and the Desire title track).


Released in 1992, this is the first album released by Seven.  The self-titled album features current members Jeff Eldridge and Jim Jackson, along with original members Kevin Eldridge and Jim Timm.  Amazingly, five songs from this project still remain in the band's current set list (Livin' It Up, Actions, Rain, Gone But Not Forgotten and Safe In His Arms).


Seven @ Incredible Pizza (02/17/2012):

Seven performinig RUTAKEN back in the late 1990s:

Bloopers from the Desire recording sessions:

Another video from the 20th Anniversary concert (1992 - 1997 Seven):

Video used to kick off the 20th Anniversary concert (10/22/2011):