is the home of the Indianapolis-based band Seven
For those not familiar with Seven, please watch the short video below:

If you are interested in having Seven perform as part of your ministry, Contact Us and we will be happy to speak with you regarding your opportunity!
What's up SEVEN HEADS?? So sorry about the lack of updates. Here goes.......
We will be at the Cornerstone Coffee House Saturday November 9th. Located at 6801 S East St, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Starts at 7pm would love to see you! Also, we will be playing an all acoustic Christmas Concert on Sunday evening December 8th starting at 6pm at Bridgeport Central Baptist Church. Located at 9039 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis. Come celebrate JESUS with us!!

Please continue to pray for my church family at Bridgeport. We believe in HIS HEALING POWER!!