About Seven
Seven began in 1991 as a temporary praise and worship team for a start up church that was holding services out of a funeral home in Greenwood, Indiana.   If that first line didn’t grab you then consider this: Seven is the longest (current) running Christian rock band in the Indianapolis area.

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From it’s humble conception to where they stand today, Seven has definitely traveled down some wild roads with God. 

Below, is an early photo of band members: Jim Jackson, Jim Timm, Kevin Eldridge and Jeff Eldridge:

Jim Jackson, Jim Timm, Kevin Eldridge and Jeff Eldridge. 
1992 Seven - Jim Jackson, Jim Timm, Kevin Eldridge and Jeff Eldridge.

Jeff Eldridge is the only original member who has remained with the band since 1991. The group was formed out of a friendship of four Christian brothers who still maintain a very tight friendship today. Today, its current members are also aligned with a strong friendship and a vision to see God’s kingdom grow. Our mission statement has remained the same as it was during the initial rehearsal:

To effectively minister the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

As unique as the guys in this band are, they bring together a wealth of “experiences” from the mission field. We all realize the huge responsibility that God has placed not only on our shoulders but on the shoulders of all Christians everywhere. The saving gospel of Jesus has got to be the single most important thing a person may hear his or her whole life. We need to stand ready to deliver this message effectively. That’s why it is so important to deliver His message through our music, our actions, and our words. You may be the only bible someone ever reads.

Jeff Eldridge, Jim Jackson, Billy Turner, Herbie Manuputy and J. Vester.
Current Seven - Jeff Eldridge, Jim Jackson, Billy Turner and Herbie Manuputy.

God has continued to bless this ministry over the years and by His blessings we are finding more work to be done for Him. One thing we don’t want to do is to become “comfortable” where we are as a ministry and as musicians. It is His constant shaping and guiding that drives us as a team in this ministry. We hope to come away from every place we play having learned a little more about who He is and having left behind a seed of Love that will continue to grow.